Biuwer receives certification as an Emerging Company from ENISA

March 4, 2024 - Posted by José Miguel Morales - 2 min

We are proud to publicly communicate the accreditation received by Biuwer Analytics in which the National Innovation Company of Spain (ENISA), an entity dependent on the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, accredits the innovative and scalable nature of emerging companies under the Law 28/2022.

Biuwer receives certification as an Emerging Company from ENISA

Biuwer is also funded by ENISA, which is a recognition of the good work of the entire team and our commitment to being a benchmark as an Embedded Analytics platform, used by companies from different sectors that have software products, SaaS and startups, to communicate to its clients and users a whole series of KPIs, statistics, reports and panels, dynamic and interactive, with data updated in real time.

There are already almost 1,000 emerging companies certified, with Biuwer being one of the 250-300 first certified companies in Spain, in mid-November 2023. We share with all of you this step that motivates us to continue innovating and improving every day.

Although we have our feet firmly on the ground, everything positive adds up and both the company, its clients, collaborators and investors, will be able to benefit in the coming years from a series of advantages and benefits. 🚀

✅ Reduction of the corporate tax rate to 15%.

✅ Tax debt deferrals.

✅ Exemption from making fractional payments of Corporate Tax.

✅ Exemption from the obligation to obtain the NIE in the case of non-resident foreign investors.

✅ Bonus, for three years, on Social Security contributions in favor of self-employed entrepreneurs who also work for others.

✅ Extension of the amount of the exemption, up to 50,000 euros per year, in the case of delivery of stock options to employees.

✅ Increase in the deduction for investment in newly created companies, increasing the rate to 50% and the maximum base up to 100,000 euros.

✅ Facilities for the provision of guarantees or payments on account in the case of granting subsidies.

The best way to teach is through examples and that is why we have prepared a data panel that you can see below as a sample of what can be communicated based on a single table with the companies certified by Enisa up to the update date that we show. You can find us in this search engine for certified startups built with Biuwer, and you can also play with all the available information, including data download 🙂

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