Product updates

March 17, 2023

March 2020

New functionalities:
  • New Administration Zone: The Biuwer Administration Zone has been completely redesigned. In the administration area, you can carry out the following:
    • General information: Account management, subscription status and organization details.
    • Use and billing: Information about the usage fees in Biuwer, selection of price plans, purchasing new products and billing history.
    • Security: User management, user groups, roles and authentication tokens.


  • New main menu bar: The side navigation menu has been redesigned. The menu is still in the left side area, leaving more free space as a work area. Now the menu is prepared for mobile devices, which makes it much more accessible for users who access Biuwer through smartphones and tablets.


  • Description in popup: Now when you add a description to a card, it will be seen in a popup when you hover over the information icon.


  • Backend redesign and performance improvement: We have redesigned the way the client and server applications communicate, now using GraphQL together with Redux. This implies a great improvement in the performance of Biuwer and allows us to develop future functionalities much more efficiently in terms of performance and fluidity in the user interface.
  • Improved performance in data caching: We have redesigned the in-memory data cache layer which improves access time in different areas of Biuwer.
  • Improved option to move pages: The option to move pages has been improved by simplifying the way cards are copied or moved from within that page or panel.
  • Improved password security: The password security mechanism has been improved. Now all default passwords have to meet a high level of security.


Bug fixes:
  • Minor fixes
  • English
  • Español



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