Biuwer, partner of the Acelera Pyme program

The initiative helps Spanish SMEs and freelancers to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on their activity

Biuwer, partner of the Acelera Pyme program

What is Biuwer?

Biuwer is your cloud platform for Data Analysis
Make smart decisions with your data, increase your income and reduce your expenses
Cloud-based, no technical knowledge required, customizable, scalable, and with high ROI
Biuwer Free Quick Start Package

Get the most out of your company's data and leave the competition behind

Save time and reduce costs
Increase sales and improve your profitability
Improve the communication between company members

Valued at up to $2,800. For free!

Purchasing an Annual Professional plan or an Annual Standard plan
Up to 20 hours with an Annual Standard plan
Up to 50 hours with an Annual Professional plan
Only until 30 June 2021
Only for the first 20 companies
The Free Starter Pack includes:
  • Analysis of the needs of the company.
  • Connection with data sources and definition of data models (analysis dimensions, KPIs, necessary calculations, etc.).
  • Assembly of the first reports and dashboards in Biuwer, including interactive analysis filters.
  • Access security settings, registering key users.


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