Product updates

May 20, 2024

April 2023

New functionalities:
  • New Facebook Ads data connector. By connecting your Facebook Ads accounts in Biuwer, you have all the data you need to improve the performance of your ad campaigns on the Meta network, such as clicks, CPC (cost per click), cost per ad and campaign, conversion rate, conversions obtained, cost per conversion ratio, etc.

Biuwer - New Facebook Ads data connector

  • New Pipedrive data connector. Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) on the market and since this update you can analyze all the data you generate in your Pipedrive account in Biuwer. It includes an automatic data update with several time intervals available to choose from, in order to visualize in detail the most important entities available in the public Pipedrive API such as: Activities, Deals, Pipelines, Stages, Leads, Users, Persons, Organizations, Currencies, Products or Notes.

Biuwer - New Pipedrive data connector

Pipedrive allows you to customize each account with custom fields in the Deals, Persons and Products entities. If you need to analyze these custom fields as well, feel free to contact us to help you get them set up in your Biuwer account.

  • New type of card, Rich Text. You can now expand with explanations and content blocks in Biuwer! Until now all cards in Biuwer were data cards, i.e. they serve to show data in one way or another in a visual form. The Rich Text card is the first content card that does not represent data (for the moment :)). Here is an example:

Biuwer - New type of card, Rich Text

How does it work? You have a rich text editor with many options to give free rein to your imagination, from normal text, titles, lists, quotes, code, links, images... and all with different styles (bold, colors, indentations, alignments. ..). We look forward to seeing your creations!

Biuwer - Rich Text Editor

  • Improvement of the user activation and deactivation process, with application to all dependent elements.
  • Added the ability to reorder fields of metric type on chart cards. This allows fine control over which visual elements are displayed in front or behind.

Biuwer - Reorder fields of metric type on chart cards

Bug fixes:
  • The default styles of the Data Labels in funnel-type charts have been correctly applied.
  • Fixed error when printing PDF pages with separators.
  • Other minor fixes.
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