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May 20, 2024

April 2024

New functionalities:
  • Multi-language system for Contents. If you have users from different countries in your software or SaaS who consume content and data in different languages, this functionality is of interest to you. Since this update, Biuwer includes a complete system to manage multiple languages and translate content. Available in the Professional plan, it allows you to add all the necessary languages and specify the translations intuitively, as shown in the following images. Translations for data fields (Text type dimensions) will also be included soon, for a complete experience. We start with a configuration of the multi-language functionality in the Administration area of your Organization, and then use the language switcher interactively to check the translations you are making, for which we have included a translation button in each field so that you can specify the texts for each configured language.

Biuwer - Configuring the multi-language system

Biuwer - The same dashboard in English and Spanish

Biuwer - Using the language switcher and the translation tool

  • New styling options on chart cards, to fully fit any theme (light or dark). Multiple options have been included to configure visual aspects on chart cards, such as axis colors, element borders (including rounded corners), and even legend colors. Using all of these options, you can configure your charts to display attractively with dark themes and backgrounds, like the examples below.

Biuwer - New styling options on chart cards

Biuwer - New styling options on chart cards (2)

  • Visual object usage traceability. This is a recently highly requested functionality, very useful for those organizations that exceed 1000 content objects. In Biuwer we have included our many years of experience working with data analysis tools and one of the characteristics is the long-term management of content, data and security, and for this it is necessary to have tools to be able to put things in order. which can easily turn into chaos. Object usage traceability allows users to know where each object they want is being used in Biuwer, and is available in Spaces and in the Data Center. Access the new side panel by clicking on the “Where it’s used” option in the contextual menus.

Biuwer - Visual object usage traceability

  • Search and sort Data Policies. Easily manage hundreds or thousands of your Data Policies across Data Sets, using the new interactive search and sort. Now you can easily locate which policies affect each user or group, check if a policy exists and is correctly configured, etc.

Biuwer - Search and sort Data Policies

  • Intelligent autocompletion of Filter values. Another request that you have asked us is to try to auto-complete the field filters with the correct configuration automatically. This autocomplete is available in card filters and page filters. In the first case it is much simpler, since the assignment of Model, Data Set and Field is unique (as can be seen in the following example), and in the case of pages it can be more complicated due to the different filtering cases configured in each case. However, in queries with the same Model as the one configured in the filter, autocompletion will be carried out automatically, which in any case you can always adjust.

Biuwer - Intelligent autocompletion of Filter values

  • Improvements in data export. The data export system has been evolved to allow very large data files, over 100MB, to be downloaded much more quickly. Interactive filters are also taken into account in Vertical Table cards, so that when exporting data after having filtered interactively, exactly the data shown in the table is exported and in the same configured order. Last, but not least, when exporting data to Excel files, the fields that are Dates will be exported as such, that is, Excel automatically treats them as Dates (and not as texts).

  • Improvements to the data card editor. We've tweaked some details to make the process of dragging and dropping fields easier and more intuitive. The "Show records without value" option is also displayed only when it makes sense, that is, if the query generated by the Biuwer query engine involves more than one Dataset with Joins. This option "Show records without value" is also available with Data Models from connections managed by Biuwer.

  • Performance improvement in the Facebook Ads connector. We have included improvements to the data processing included with the Facebook Ads connector, to allow data from accounts with high ad usage on the social network to be synchronized.

  • Expanded the error messages shown to the user when executing queries. The total characters displayed have been expanded for error messages displayed to the user.

Bug fixes:
  • Check type selectors. In some cases it could happen that these selectors were displayed incorrectly, but we have replaced the visual component with an improved version to avoid this problem, which is also more elegant and minimalist. 🙂

  • Fixed an error detected in radar charts.

  • In the process of uploading CSV files, a potential error detected for records with null values has been corrected.

  • Other minor fixes.

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