Product updates

June 26, 2024

June 2024

New functionalities:
  • New Color Palette system. We include in this update one of the most practical features that you have requested from us in recent months. From now on, you have at your disposal 32 predefined color palettes ready to use in content cards, such as Charts or Maps. You can also create your own custom color palettes, to apply the necessary color combinations.

We invite you to discover all the options we have enabled, which include: easily and accurately configure qualitative, sequential and divergent color palettes; set a default color palette; enable or disable color palettes for later use; know what color palettes are in use.

Soon the color palettes will also be integrated with Themes, so that color schemes are assigned automatically depending on the themes applied to the content.

Biuwer - New Color Palette system

  • Translations of data fields, included in the Multi-Language system. This new functionality allows you to complete the multi-language content translation system by allowing you to customize the values of the data fields. With this new functionality you will be able to include translations in the categorization fields and other attributes, to show in the Legends and Tooltips of Charts and in the Filters system, the different values translated into the language that the end user is using.

Biuwer - Translations of data fields - Customize values in this field

Biuwer - Translations of data fields - Customize values in other fields

  • Empty text string is now allowed in filter expressions. This functionality improvement is an example of your direct feedback as users. Added the ability to not have to include a “non-empty” text value in filter expressions. In this way, end users have more flexibility to indicate a value or not, allowing that in the absence of a value it is as if the filter is not applied at all.

  • Improved the performance of lists of objects. The management of hundreds or thousands of objects (cards, users, etc.) makes the lists increasingly heavy. We have included a series of improvements in visual and object search performance, which for those of you who have spaces with hundreds of cards and manage hundreds or thousands of users in Biuwer, will make your work faster and more efficient.

  • Improvements in the Google Ads connector, incorporating new entities and fields, such as objectives, conversion actions and campaign types, and checking the indicators in detail (clicks, impressions, cost, etc.).

  • The MAX_VALUE and MIN_VALUE functions used in Card calculated fields can now incorporate 2 or more parameters (fields or expressions). This improves the possibility of calculating maximums or minimums at the row level, with multiple fields involved.

  • The operation of the PREV_PERIOD function in the calculated Card fields has been adjusted so that it includes in all cases the same date level as the configured one.

  • Due to high demand, since this update we have included the following limitations for automatic data updates, in Application type connections (for example, Google Ads, Notion, Holded or Pipedrive). The basic plan is limited to updates every 7 days, the standard plan every 24 hours, the professional plan every 1 hour, and the enterprise plan every 15 minutes.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the parsing of expressions in Calculated Fields of Datasets, which in some cases caused the internal identifier of the field to be displayed in the result.

  • Fixed the error reported when editing REST API type connections, which prevented adding more parameters to those previously configured.

  • Fixed problem reported with "Related data" in some multi-query cards.

  • Fixed the problem reported with the “Information” icon when placed on the cards, even if it did not contain a Description to display.

  • The counter for rows displayed on Vertical Table cards is now reset when page filters are applied.

  • Other minor fixes.

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