Product updates

March 17, 2023

Biuwer 1.11

New functionalities:
  • My Space: A new personal space has been added for each user. In its personal space, any user can create pages and cards only visible for themselves. Once a user has created content in its personal space, it can be copied or moved to a shared space.
  • Favorites: A new functionality to add spaces and pages to favorites. Now you can mark as favorites a space or page. By default you will see your favorite elements at the beginning of the selected visualization.
  • Gauge and Bullet data visualizations: Two new data visualizations types have been added, bullet chart and gauge chart.
  • The sign up process has been improved. From now on, every new user created in Biuwer will have to be validated through a link sent to its email account.
  • Filter system: filters area is not shown if no filters have been added yet.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with date formats when exporting to PDF.
  • Fixed an issue with data card editor by which some times was displayed without any content.
  • Minor corrections:
    • Fixed an issue when deleting a user’s default organization.
    • Fixed an issue that caused double scroll in vertical table cards.
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