Product updates

March 17, 2023

Biuwer 1.12

New functionalities:
  • Support chat: A support chat system has been added in the public website and Biuwer platform.
  • Field format (Import Data System): Added support to specify formats to date, numeric and boolean type fields, so these data types are now available to import.
  • Data card editor: Adjustments in date formatting and value cleaning criteria in the field visualization configuration.
  • Data card editor: Styling and layout adjustments.
  • Data card editor: Added more colors to the available palettes used in field configurations.
  • Error notification: Added an error indicator in any data card whose queries have returned an error, indicating the error message in each case.
  • User Interface: Minor changes.
Bug fixes:
  • Error when cleaning filter values (Filtering system): Fixed an issue when cleaning filters that caused empty data visualizations.
  • Fixed an issue with the labeling option in doughnut and line charts (Visualizations).
  • Fixed an issue with numeric formatting in radar charts (Visualizations).
  • Fixed an issue with the option to show x axis lines in charts (Visualizations).
  • Fixed an issue with the selection of a field type filter having a numeric or boolean data type (Filtering system).
  • Fixed an issue with user sign up having a not valid and not verified email (user sign up).
  • Fixed an error message that appeared when a new Biuwer version was detected.
  • Visualizations: Fixed an issue that caused some date formats not showing correctly in some chart types.
  • Connect as another user (masquerade mode): Fixed an issue with data cache that caused from the previous session to be displayed, to which you have previously connected as another user.
  • Data card editor: Fixed an issue when sorting by a field not used in visualization. Sometimes it is necessary to sort by fields that are not used in data visualization.
  • Filtering system: Fixed an issue with date filter type when using a “between”' expression that caused the filter to not be applied correctly.
  • Filtering system: Fixed an issue in the filter editor when a query returned an error.
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