Product updates

November 13, 2019

Biuwer 1.18

New functionalities:
  • New authentication system using tokens: A new system is added to generate authentication tokens for a Biuwer user. Authentication tokens can be used in Biuwer to manage permissions with third-party applications or for example to authenticate embedded Biuwer content in external applications.

Auth token authentication system

  • Side menu for mobile versions: Now the side menu has a responsive design and adapts to all mobile devices.
Bug fixes:
  • User interface: Problems with styles of overlapping elements in layers are corrected.
  • BigQuery Connector: Fixed problem in addition to sums with very small results.
  • Vertical table: Fixed an error in the interactive filter within a vertical table for numeric fields.
  • Vertical table: Fixed error in the default sorting of vertical tables.
  • User Interface: Color correction in the icons set.