Product updates

November 28, 2019

Biuwer 1.20

Bug fixes:
  • Data Visualizations - Charts: Fixed a bug in the color picker of a stacked bar chart.
  • Multi tenant system: Fixed a bug when adding a user to another account of another Biuwer organization.
  • Data Center: Fixed an issue when trying to create a new connection. Sometimes the list of available integrations appears empty.
  • Data export system: Fixed a bug in exporting data from a card in csv and xls format.
  • Data export system: Fixed problem when exporting a card in PDF format. In vertical tables hidden columns are being exported as well.
  • Data export system: Data export problem is corrected when browsing from an action from another page or card. The data that is exported is not correct.
  • User interface: Layer depth problems with z-index are corrected in the card editor.
  • Data filtering system: Fixed a problem with date filters. The filter is not applied when you try to filter by the last day of the month.