Product updates

December 9, 2019

Biuwer 1.21

New functionalities:
  • Basic Users vs Standard Users: A new type called basic user is created.

Basic users can only view and analyze data in Biuwer that has been previously shared with them. They do not have a personal space and cannot manage and edit content within Biuwer.

This type of user is much cheaper than a standard user and is ideal for those user profiles who only want to view the content

Basic standard users

  • Icons on indicator cards or KPIs: Icons are added to KPI type data visualizations.

Icons KPI editor

Icons KPI example

  • Actions: Biuwer session parameter is added to be able to use it in external navigation actions along with the URL. This allows external applications to validate the Biuwer session.
  • Authentication tokens: Extra security layer is added to the authentication token system. Now the token system is even safer.
Bug fixes:
  • Cross table: Fixed a problem in the horizontal alignment styles of the header.
  • Duplicate objects: Fixed a bug when trying to duplicate pages or cards.