Product updates

May 20, 2024

Biuwer 1.6

New functionalities:
  • Boolean field support: “Boolean” data type is now supported in Biuwer. The new data type is mapped with the corresponding original data type for each data connector technology
  • Upload data from CSV files (Import data system): Data contained in CSV files can now be uploaded to Biuwer datasets using the import data system, which include automatic detection of data fields and data types. This feature can be used to create new datasets or upload new data to existing ones using the append data option


  • Custom limit and sort options (Query system): Biuwer users can now configure per query row limits and custom data sort options (ascending and descending directions). This also applies to filter values, which are now sorted ascending. Existing cards and filters will remain as they are. New cards and filters will return by default a maximum of 500 rows
  • New operators and boolean filters (Filtering system): There have been added new options in the operators catalogue. Now Biuwer users can filter boolean expressions
  • Reverse engineering (Data Center): New Datasets can be added automatically in the Data Center using the new reverse engineering feature, that connects to the data source and obtains database structure and per table metadata (fields, data types)
  • Query system: The core query engine in Biuwer has been improved. It now uses internal fields identificators in order to improve speed and avoid user mistakes with fields original names and aliases
  • Controlled deletion of entities: Biuwer now checks for dependencies and shows them to the user when deleting any entity. This guides the user through the dependent items to avoid metadata inconsistencies
  • Mailing system: Notifications and transactional emails are now being delivered by our new email partner Postmark
  • New organization switcher. Biuwer users with more than one organization (account) can now use the new organization switcher, which shows organizations in a drop down instead of a list of items
  • Cards heights: Cards general configuration height parameter has been improved to allow users to build custom pages with several cards configurations
  • Custom cards: Internal improvements to use the core query engine
  • Export data system: Exports to Excel files now include calculated fields
Bug fixes:
  • Query system: Avoid unnecessary aggregations with calculated fields that use aggregation functions inside
  • Datasets (Data Center): From now on hidden fields won’t appear in the Data Card Editor or in the Filtering system, so they can not be used until marked as visible again
  • Date filters (Filtering system): Fixed some date level values for all connection technologies and the preview of date expressions
  • Chart cards: Fixed a blinking when hovering over the chart
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