Product updates

March 17, 2023

Biuwer 1.7

  • International support: Numeric and date formats have been improved, increasing the number of formats that Biuwer users can select
  • Vertical table cards (Visualizations):
    • Fields of type Dimension can now have column totals with operations (count, count distinct, minimum, maximum) and custom formulas (using fields of the table)
    • The user can activate the inclusion of a first column showing the row number
    • Conditional formats: Users can apply custom styling for rows and columns that meet the configured conditions
    • Interactive columns: A selection of fields can be included as interactive columns to allow users to dynamically include them or not in the table
    • Totals rows obtained and total rows shown: There is an option available to show these totals in the top of the table
  • Data Card editor: Users can now change the type of a field, between metric and dimension and vice versa, regardless their definition in Data Models
  • Sorting data (Query engine): Users can now include custom sorting of data, either the fields acting to sort the data are present in the data returned or not
Bug fixes:
  • Pages export to PDF (Export data system): This option is now not available until the page has content within a defined page structure
  • Vertical table cards (Visualizations): Search in columns with null values has been fixed
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