Product updates

May 20, 2024

Biuwer 1.8

New functionalities:
  • Loading data from Excel file (Data import system): As with the import of CSV files functionality, Biuwer users can now import data from an Excel file
  • Filtering system: A selection option is added for "All values" that selects all the values of a field type filter
  • Filtering system: NOT operators have been included. Now you can filter data with expressions like "Not equal to" or "Not in the list"
  • Add stage HAVING (Filtering system): An option is added in the filtering system to activate the aggregation stage through HAVING. This option allows filtering metrics after aggregation is done
  • Filter options in Data Policies (Data Center): Within a dataset, not all filtering options were available. Now you have the same filtering options as in the pages / cards filtering system
  • KPI Card (Visualizations): The KPI card is improved in such a way that different zones can now be added on the same card
  • Card Editor: Several improvements have been included in the user interface of the data card editor page
  • Expand date formats (Visualizations): The date formats available to the user have been extended
  • Include aggregation functions by default (Data Center): It has been added the functionality of being able to select in a dataset the aggregation function by default (sum, average, count, count distinct, minimum, maximum)
  • Visualizations: Added an option to set a default value in the color selector
Bug fixes:
  • Aggregation in calculated fields: A problem that was causing to apply always an aggregation to a calculated field has been fixed. Now if "Aggregation: None" is marked, the aggregation operation will not be applied
  • Problem with vertical table scrolling (Visualizations): Fixed problem with scroll in vertical table type displays that appeared in certain screen resolutions
  • Minor bug fixes
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  • Español



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