Product updates

March 17, 2023

Biuwer 1.9

New functionalities:
  • Biuwer updates: From now on, when a new Biuwer version is detected, a message will pop up in the top of the screen notifying that a new update is available.
  • Query log: New metadata has been added in the query log storage.
  • Data Card Editor: Some styles had been adjusted in the new query editor.
  • Selected filters visualization has been improved in filters area.
  • Improvements in the value selection for “all values” filters.
Bug fixes:
  • Undesired scroll in dialogs: Fixed an issue that caused vertical scroll in dialogs when using some versions of Google Chrome.
  • Access control dialog: Fixed an issue with the list of users with access, it wasn't displayed correctly.
  • Query engine: Fixed an issue with Big Query (Google Cloud) connector that didn't allow to use expressions in calculated fields in the Group By section and Order By section.
  • Data Center: Fixed an issue in the aggregation levels when selection “none” as aggregation.
  • Data Card Editor: Fixed an issue when creating a card without any field selected. From now on, “visualization” tab is not enabled until at least one field has been added to the query.
  • Data Card Editor: Fixed an issue when trying to delete a field from “interactive columns” section in a vertical table.
  • Styling corrections in form elements while using Firefox browser.
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