Product updates

December 28, 2020

December 2020

New functionalities:
  • Biuwer Maps: Added choropleth maps. From this version you can select symbol maps and choropleth maps. Biuwer users can create maps by regions or geographic areas adapted to each map using a set of available settings. Several types of maps styles are currently available, and custom maps can be added by contacting Biuwer user support.

New choroplethic maps in Biuwer

  • Data filter system: New sort functionality is added in field type filters. Filter items can now be sorted in different ways (Source, Ascending, Descending, Custom Sort) and sorting by another field is also allowed.

Sorting filter fields in Biuwer

  • Data filter system: The user interface of the filter assignment dialog to the cards of a page has been improved.
Bug fixes:
  • Password reset email: Fixed a problem with the format of the email sent to the user.
  • Biuwer Maps: Visualization errors are corrected in two styles of maps.
  • Biuwer Maps: Error to represent fields of metric type in maps has been corrected. The aggregation function was not being applied correctly.
  • Data filter system: A problem in the selection of values in the multiple selection type filters is corrected
  • Vertical table: Fixed problem with interactive filters of date type
  • Embedding: Fixed problem that denied access to shared visualizations with authentication tokens created more than a month old
  • Data card editor: Fixed an issue with data synchronization for vertical table type cards.
  • Tooltips: Fixed problem that caused certain tooltips to flicker.
  • File importer: A problem is corrected when trying to add numerical data that caused it to not be parsed correctly.
  • Minor fixes
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