Product updates

March 17, 2023

November 2020

New functionalities:
  • SSH Tunnel (Data Center): New functionality included of configuring a data connection through an SSH tunnel.


  • Connections Catalog (Data Center): MariaDB, Google Cloud MySQL and Google Cloud PostgreSQL database connections are added.


  • Datasets (Data center): A column with a check is added to see if the data policies have been enabled or not. This way you can see at a glance which datasets have data policies enabled.


  • File Importer (Data Center): Changes in the interface to improve the user experience.
  • Access control: Improvements in the access control user interface.
  • Performance improvements in metadata management
Bug fixes:
  • Data card editor: Error messages in the data card editor do not appear correctly.
  • Data filtering system: A problem in the user interface of the filtering system was corrected, whereby some values of selection inputs were not correctly synchronized.
  • Fixed problem in the initialization of the central Biuwer server.
  • Auto-query: Data synchronization problem is corrected when a page or dashboard has the option of auto-query data activated.
  • Data Center: Fixed an issue in previewing data for a managed datasets. This happened when data was imported from excel or csv files and the data types of the dataset change.
  • Fixed problem accessing a duplicate card when you are duplicating a card,
  • Navigation actions: Error when navigating between cards is corrected
  • File Importer (Data Center): Fixed some problems related to data types synchronization in fields imported from excel files.
  • PDF export: Some errors detected in the export of cards and pages in PDF format have been corrected
  • Minor fixes
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