Product updates

December 1, 2022

February 2021

New functionalities:
  • Treatment of null values: New functionality by which Biuwer is able to show NULL values depending on the selected configuration.

For example, in a table of values we can indicate what to do with the fields that come with the null value, choosing not to show anything or to show a literal configurable by the user. Another example of this functionality can be given in a chart in which we choose what to do with the null values, for example assigning a 0 for each null value, thus ensuring that the chart does not have empty values.

  • Maps: Added data type support for symbol maps whose Latitude and Longitude data type is text instead of a decimal number.
Bug fixes:
  • Reverse Engineering: Fixed an issue in the reverse engineering utility that crashed when trying to apply to an existing dataset that had one or more calculated fields.
  • Card editor: A data update issue is fixed for data cards whose query returns an error.
  • Data Filters on pages: Fixed an issue where filters for a page are not applied when the data model for that page has been changed.
  • Pivot tables: An error has been corrected when adding a formatted date field, such as the Year-month format.
  • Maps: An error has been fixed when trying to create a page with more than one map card.
  • Minor fixes
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