Product updates

March 6, 2024

January 2024

New functionalities:
  • New dark theme available. Within the set of predefined themes offered by Biuwer, we are launching a new dark theme, built using gray tones. We show you an example panel below. Soon we will create new themes with other shades, both light and dark so you can choose. Remember that you can create your own custom themes to apply the styles you need for your application.

Biuwer - New dark theme available

Biuwer obtains the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) certification from the App Defense Alliance

This certification is based on identifying and addressing specific vulnerabilities in cloud-based applications, ensuring that the platform is protected against known and evolving security threats, and maintaining compliance year after year.

Due to the necessary interoperability between different platforms and services, this certification strengthens cloud-to-cloud integrations, particularly those that handle confidential data, and protects user data, according to the most recognized security standards in the world.

  • New option to control the application of Data Policies, using AND / OR logic. From now on, advanced users with access to the Data Center can configure the behavior between different data policies that can be applied to the same user, directly or through user groups.

Until now, an OR logic was always applied, that is, results are returned that meet any of the filters that affect each user. With this improvement, you can choose an AND logic, that is, results are returned that meet all the filters that affect each user.

Biuwer - New option to control the application of Data Policies using AND OR logic

  • The number format configuration component has been improved to make it easier to see the final result as the format is configured on the screen. We have also included new currencies. The Euro (€), the Dollar ($), the Pound Sterling (£), the Japanese Yen (¥) and the Chinese Yuan (元) are now available. We show an example below.

Biuwer - Improved number format configuration component with new currency symbols

  • We have improved the “Test Connection” notification error, to make it easier to troubleshoot initial connection setup. Typically, these initial errors may be due to lack of network connectivity or lack of access permissions.

  • The Google Ads connector has been updated to the latest version of the Google API.

  • Improved support for different data types with the Google BigQuery connector.

  • We have updated the local browser cache time to 30 minutes for all organizations. We will soon include the option for you to accurately configure data cache times for your specific needs.

  • We have updated the conditions during the trial period, so that new companies can test the features of Biuwer, as if they had purchased the Professional plan.

Bug fixes:
  • Solution for the ordering of values in chart cards over Google BigQuery connection.

  • Solution to error reported about a card with multiple KPIs using multiple queries.

  • An additional text parsing has been included before applying string functions, to prevent rare errors reported due to changing data types in data sources and not having synchronized them in Biuwer.

  • Minor adjustments in API Keys screen in the admin area.

  • Adjustment on some symbols for point map cards, using longitude and latitude.

  • Other minor fixes.

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