Product updates

May 20, 2024

December 2023

New functionalities:
  • Switch user type between Advanced and Basic. In order to facilitate better management of users and how they interact with data, a simple functionality has been incorporated so that administrators can switch between the two types of users available in Biuwer. In the two possible changes, a dialog is shown to the user, explaining the changes that are going to occur.

Biuwer - Switch user type between Advanced and Basic

Biuwer - Switching a user from Basic to Advanced

Biuwer - Switching a user from Advanced to Basic

  • Improved the "Show records without value" option in the Card Editor. This option is useful in some complex use cases that involve OUTER JOINs in a query on a data source. This option applies the filters through subqueries, before applying the relationships between Data Sets, thus managing to display the records that have no value in all cases. As we say, it makes sense with OUTER JOINS applied to the query and with a configuration in which two or more tables are involved due to the application of the configured filters. For example, if a Data Model relates a time dimension and a fact table, in whose data there are no values every day, but you want them to always appear every day even if there is no data in some of them.

Biuwer - Show records without value

  • Usability improvements on the subscription payment screen using payment link.

  • Improved usability of checkboxes in all forms on the platform.

  • Improvements in management of recurring credit card payments through Stripe, to minimize authentication requirements through 3D Secure.

  • PREV_XXX functions (for example, PREV_YEAR) are supported in the Card Editor to work with two identical fields for which a different aggregation function has been configured in a query.

  • Labels in chart legends are improved to display them correctly in case of a match between multiple fields.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed problem reported with the actions contextual menu, which was displayed vertically scrolled in some cases with table cards.

  • Solution to Year-Week format in some charts.

  • Adjusted some data type changes in the Card Editor that were incorrect, for example, when calculating an aggregation (e.g. MAX, MIN) on a date field the result is now kept as a date.

  • Other minor fixes.

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