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May 20, 2024

November 2023

New functionalities:
  • New system of custom styles through Themes. Without a doubt, one of the great features of Biuwer in 2023 are the new Themes that allow you to visually customize the styles of a multitude of details in the panels and visualizations used by your users. Following the modular and incremental philosophy that we incorporate into Biuwer, organizations can use both the predefined themes that we offer from Biuwer, as well as the custom themes that you define for your Organization, configuring colors, fonts, borders, etc to the different visual elements that are built in Biuwer. The interesting thing about the new themes is that they are “composable”, that is, different themes can be defined to apply different styles cumulatively to the different levels of Biuwer content (Spaces, Collections, Pages, Cards).

Biuwer - New system of custom styles through Themes

Below we show an example showing a panel with custom styles, where three themes are applied, one at a general level and two to give specific styles to cards with background and border colors, in addition to rounded corners, shadows, etc.

Biuwer - Example of custom styles through Themes

Virtually any detail, such as buttons, watermark colors, and form elements, can be customized in the filter system.

Biuwer - Example of filters in custom styles through Themes

We will soon add a dark theme to Biuwer's predefined themes for integrations in applications with dark colors. How do you plan to use Themes in your Organization?

  • New IFNULL function available for Card Calculated Fields. Usage is simple, as a wrapper to handle nulls or no data returned. The usage is as follows: IFNULL(expression, value if expression is null), for example, IFNULL({Q1.1 Field}, 0)

  • New PREV_PERIOD function available for Card Calculated Fields. The use is like the rest of the PREV_XXX functions (PREV_YEAR, PREV_QUARTER, PREV_MONTH, PREV_WEEK, PREV_DAY), only in this case the level of the applied date filter (YEAR, QUARTER, MONTH, WEEK, DAY) is taken into account to obtain the previous interval dynamically and transparently for the user. The usage is as follows: PREV_PERIOD(metric field, date field), e.g., PREV_PERIOD({Q1.1 Metric field}, {Q1.2 Filter Date field})

  • A new error notification email has been included when processing credit card payments in the Biuwer billing system. This way, if any incident occurs with your credit card, we will inform you what is happening so we can solve it. For example: expired card, insufficient funds or authentication error with your bank.

  • New Billing Contacts section in the Biuwer Administration area, where you can include both Biuwer users and external emails to be notified by email of everything related to subscription billing.

  • Related to the above, an order payment link has been included, without the need to access Biuwer with an administrator user.

  • Data Policies have been greatly improved in this update. It is a key functionality in dynamic data filtering that you need to perform for each user who connects to your data, to only show them the data they need to see. In this update we have redesigned the data policies internally, to support thousands of them for each Data Set, integrated into the Biuwer public API to automate their management. On a visual level, in addition to the new appearance, the Biuwer filter system has been integrated so the power for data administrator users is much greater. In addition to allowing you to activate or deactivate data policies on each Data Set, you can now activate and deactivate each policy individually.

Biuwer - Updated Data Policies

  • SQL query formatting for connections to ClickHouse databases has been included. This way, when you analyze data on this database, you will be able to easily read the queries that are launched from the Biuwer query engine.

  • The API of our payment provider (Stripe) has been updated to the latest available version.

Bug fixes:
  • The YEAR-WEEK format for date filters has been included in the filter mapping of the ACTIONS system.

  • Fixed an issue detected when editing the properties of data models managed by Biuwer.

  • A flickering that occurred in some listings in the Administration and Data Center area has been fixed, depending on the zoom percentage and screen resolution that some users had.

  • Other minor fixes.

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