Product updates

May 20, 2024

October 2023

New functionalities:
  • New functions for total calculations: new functions for calculating totals by applying different operations have been included in the calculated fields of the card editor. Specifically, the functions are TOTAL_SUM (obtains the total sum), TOTAL_AVG (obtains the total average), TOTAL_MIN (obtains minimum of all the field values), TOTAL_MAX (obtains maximum of all the field values), TOTAL_COUNT (obtains the number of total records) , TOTAL_COUNT_DISTINCT (gets the number of distinct records according to the chosen field).

Biuwer - New functions for total calculations

  • The names of automatic data jobs associated with API Analytics connections are now synchronized with the respective connection names. Only for organizations that include the Biuwer Data Prep module in their subscription, in the list of jobs, those that are associated with the synchronization of data from API Analytics connections (those on cloud applications, cloud files, REST APIs,...), they have the name synchronized with the name of the corresponding connection. This makes it easier to track updates or be able to execute the specific data job you need at any time, on demand.

Biuwer - Names of automatic data jobs associated with API Analytics connections

  • Messages for empty filter and action lists. This improvement avoids confusion in cases of filter lists or action lists that do not yet have any elements, through an informative image.

Biuwer - Messages for empty filter and action lists

  • The treatment of actions to external URLs has been improved to allow any expression. The evaluation of the final URL accessed must be checked in each case, since Biuwer does not verify that the resulting URL is correct or works in all cases.
  • The “Don’t group values” option has been expanded in the Data Card Editor queries, when in the list of fields all the included metrics have the aggregation “None”. This makes it possible not to group records and allow row-level operations with complete flexibility.

Biuwer - Dont group values option has been expanded

Bug fixes:
  • Configured number formats are taken into account when applying conditional formatting on charts.
  • The deletion of values in the filter dialog has been corrected when excluded values are being displayed.
  • The reported case of an empty order list in the administration area has been solved.
  • The logic of accessing Biuwer via email and password has been adjusted, for correct operation in cases of emails whose value is contained in others, for example, and
  • Other minor fixes.
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