Product updates

March 17, 2023

July 2020

New functionalities:
  • Redesign of the signup process
  • Administration zone:
    • New order sections and order form (checkout).
    • Generation of order sheet
    • New section listing pricing plans
    • New product section


  • Trial period: Biuwer trial period functionality is included by adding a message in the notification bar.
  • New Data Center: The entire data center section has been redesigned, with a new side menu and including a new reverse engineering section design.


  • Onboarding - New sample content: Now when you join Biuwer a data connection is automatically created with a workspace and sample data visualizations and dashboards.
  • Administration zone: Verification of VAT numbers is added for the application of taxes at European and extra community level.
  • File Importer (Data Center): The user interface of the data importer is improved. It’s now displayed on a page instead of a dialog.
  • Reverse engineering (Data Center): Data types are included and a warning is added when unsupported data types are detected.
  • Authentication system: Improvement of the authentication system using Oauth.
Bug fixes:
  • Access control: Fixed a problem when assigning permissions to new user groups. Fixed a problem in checking access to an inactive organization.
  • Administration zone: Fixed a desynchronization of the status of users pending validation, which have already been verified, in the user management panel.
  • Data types: Fixed a problem with the "character" data type in PostgreSQL data source.
  • Chart Data Cards: Fixed a critical issue in vertical bar graphics card settings.
  • Fixed a problem with the access link of welcome emails sent by Biuwer.
  • Minor fixes
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  • Español



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