Product updates

March 17, 2023

September 2020

New functionalities:
  • Data Center: New categories of data connections are added, including cloud databases.


  • Connection catalog (Data Center): Google Big Query cloud database connection is added


  • Connection catalog (Data Center): Clickhouse database connection is added


  • Connection catalog (Data Center): Oracle database connection is added


  • Card export system: The table type card export system is improved. Now the export of date fields is done in the format that the card is displayed, instead of a fixed format.
  • Data storage system (Biuwer Data Warehouse): The database technology used until now is changed.
  • Connection catalog (Data Center): The notification system of connection to a data source is improved.
  • Actions System: Fixed a problem that does not show the list of available fields in the external navigation action.
  • Reverse Engineering (Data Center): Added an option to select or deselect all items
  • Data card editor: Now the fields of the data cards with more than one data query will be identified by the query to which it belongs.
  • Performance improvements
Bug fixes:
  • Subscription system: Minor inconsistencies in subscription periods and payment method are corrected
  • Data policies (Data Center): Fixed a problem in filtering numeric fields.
  • File Importer (Data Center): Fixed an error that does not allow selecting cell ranges when trying to import data from an excel file.
  • Security: Error when copying an authentication token to the clipboard
  • Connection catalog (Data Center): Fixed an error in the filter of the connection list that made the filtering not working.
  • Minor fixes
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