Product updates

March 17, 2023

April 2021

New functionalities:
  • Dynamic connections: This new functionality allows you to dynamically create connections and apply them to data models. It allows to solve the problem that several Biuwer clients may have, which have connections to databases that have the same architecture at the data level but are installed in different databases..

You can configure a dynamic connection so that depending on a user or a group within Biuwer, one or another data connection is assigned. Thus, when that user or group accesses a panel, the connection that is configured in the data model, within the data center, will be dynamically selected.

  • Data center - Supported data types: Support for the “Double precision” data type is added in the PostgreSQL database connection type.
  • Contextual menu is added on each card that allows you to export your data.
Bug fixes:
  • Embedding / Integrated Analytics: Fixed problem that caused it to not work correctly for certain types of cards.
  • Minor fixes
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