Product updates

July 31, 2019

Biuwer 1.14

New functionalities:
  • Automatic redirection: From now on, if you access Biuwer through an URL content, it will ask you for login and then you will be redirected to the specified URL.
  • New sorting system: More sorting options are added in the data visualizations. Fields can now be sorted in several ways: alphabetically, as it is in the data source or in a personalized way.

New sorting system options

Custom sorting:

Custom sorting

  • Data card editor: Set as default color for every text in a card the first option of the available colors in the color palette. This means that a color from the palette is always selected by default.
  • Visualizations - Charts: Added sorting by metric option in charts with broken by another dimension option enabled, e.g. bar charts.
  • Data card editor: Added a message and a graphic when there are changes in the queries configuration or in visualizations.

Message graphic card editor

Message graphic card editor

  • Pages and Cards: Added graphics to pages and detail view of a card when the option to apply filters automatically is turned off. This way the user knows that is necessary an action on its side to obtain data.

Message graphic card editor

Bug fixes:
  • Conditional styles: Fixed an issue that prevented the style to apply when having an expression “less than” 0.
  • Data card editor: Fixed an issue that resets formatting to the default value when editing a field configuration.
  • Data card editor: Fixed an issue in the color palette selection for chart cards.
  • Visualizations - Cross Table: Fixed an issue with calculated fields without an aggregation.