Product updates

May 20, 2024

November 2022

New functionalities:
  • New "Speedometer" chart type. To show the value of KPIs in a visual way, you can create semicircular or circular speedometers, with several configuration options.

New speedometer chart type

This type of graph allows you to show the achievement of objectives, percentages, etc. in a very visual way.

New speedometer chart type

  • New “Google Ads” connector. By connecting your Google Ads accounts in Biuwer, you have all the data you need to** improve the performance of your ad campaigns** on the Google network, such as clicks, CPC (cost per click), cost per ad and campaign, conversion rate, conversions obtained, cost per conversion ratio, etc.

Nuevo editor de tarjetas queries panel

  • Incorporation of special numerical functions (percentage over total, accumulated value, etc.) in the Card Calculated Fields. More information at Biuwer docs.

  • The Filter system allows to auto apply dependent filters when changing the parent filter to obtain a single value. This functionality allows implementing different use cases depending on the structure of the data, and visually facilitates the interaction of the end user, since filters can be hidden and applied automatically without having to do anything.

The filter system allow to auto applu dependent filters

  • You can now configure in the filters the options you want to allow users, i.e. the SELECTION, EXPRESSION, PRE-DEFINED and FIRST tabs, along with the allowed operators and date levels.

Configure in the filters the options you want to allow

  • Improved sorting and filtering of Pages and Collections. You can now filter Cards by type, quickly and visually.

Improved sorting and filtering of pages and collections

  • Improved string handling in Card Calculated Fields expressions.

  • Possibility to receive informative email in case of job execution error, within the optional Data Preparation module. You can choose the main contact of your organization or write a list of email addresses.

Possibility to receive informative email in case of job execution error

  • Improved header and footer styling when exporting in PDF format.

Improved header and footer styling

  • Improved treatment of "transparent" color in data configurations.

Improved treatment of transparent color in data configurations

  • New chart icons. We have added a new visual catalog for chart types. New chart types available soon!

New chart icons

  • Updated authentication using Oauth 2 for the Hubspot CRM connector.

  • The Card Calculated Fields can now be used to set up conditional formats.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a navigation error when canceling or returning in the Data Card Editor.
  • Solution to flickering in vertical tables, in very specific situations of screen dimensions and browser zoom.
  • Other minor fixes.
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