Embedded Analytics - What it is and how it benefits my company

May 27, 2020 - Posted by Alberto Morales - 5 min

Within the field of Data Analytics, Embedded Analytics has a crucial place that cannot be overlooked when looking for a good business strategy.

Embedded Analytics - What it is and how it benefits my company

Within the field of Data Analytics and after addressing issues such as Data Visualization or Dashboards, Integrated Analytics has a crucial place that cannot be overlooked.

Before getting into the subject, it is necessary to make a small pause to clarify what we mean when we talk about Embedded Analytics.

What is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded Analytics allows companies to seamlessly incorporate analytical capabilities, created on a data visualization platform, into portals, products, public or private websites, business applications, intranets, etc.

This means not only greater agility and improvements in time, as the execution of analytical tasks is faster, but also greater convenience and efficiency in the whole process. In addition, users keep their usual work tools, but with the added advantage of having analytical information, which provides answers to many of the questions that arise and, consequently, speeds up decision making.

In Business Intelligence, Embedded Analytics operates in a specific and fully contextualised environment. It is about obtaining specific information, incorporating it in the place we decide, which helps and supports the decision making in that specific area.

To give an example, through the embedded analytics we will be able to add a dashboard containing charts, indicators or detail tables to our company's private intranet. In this way, all the users of that intranet will be able to analyze the data of that dashboard without leaving the intranet itself.

5 advantages of using Embedded Analytics in my company

There are many benefits that Embedded Analytics can bring to companies, but focusing on what we consider to be the most outstanding, these are the main advantages:

1 - Personalization of the data analytical experience

By embedding a dashboard in our intranet, for example, we get a level of customization adapted to our own intranet, with the same corporate identity styles.

2 - Improve accessibility and security

Our application, going back to the previous intranet example, will have a series of internally defined access security resources, so if we embed a dashboard in a specific section of the intranet, we will be able to manage its security and access in a much finer way.

3 - Improve the level of user satisfaction of your application

If our users are used to using a series of tools we will not be forcing them to change tools to analyze a specific dashboard, but by embedding this dashboard using embedded analytics we will get that there is no rejection of change and improve user satisfaction.

4 - Speed up the decision-making

If we use embedded analytics in our own applications, by not having to change platforms to perform data analytics, we will be much more agile when making decisions.

5 - Improve your competitive advantage and generate more revenue

By incorporating data analysis capabilities with visualizations, dashboards, charts, tables, indicators, etc. we are adding functionality and value to our own application. If it is an intranet the perception will be internal, but if it is an external application that we are monetizing, we will be able to offer an extra functionality from which we can have an economic return. Either way we will have a competitive advantage.

How to use Embedded Analytics with Biuwer?

Biuwer has the Embedded Analytics functionality within the "Share" option.

When you navigate inside a page (dashboard) we can select the share option from the options menu in the upper right corner. This option will be enabled if your user has sufficient access permissions and if your pricing plan includes the Embedded Analytics option.

Embedded Analytics - What it is and how it benefits my company

Once we select this option, a dialog will be opened and we must configure some settings in order to share this dashboard in our application or anywhere else.

Embedded Analytics - What it is and how it benefits my company

We will have to establish if the access is private or public (available soon), the size of the container where we are going to embed it, and a range of dates by which your access will be available. If we don't want the access to expire we simply won't put an end date.

Embedded Analytics - What it is and how it benefits my company

Once we enable the shared resource, Biuwer gives us two options for accessing it:

  • Access via URL: This option allows you to view shared content without having to embed anything in another application. The dashboard or card you share in this way, will be displayed without any Biuwer menu or identity items, only the dashboard or card itself will be displayed.
  • Embedding via Iframe: Copy this piece of code and add it to your own application to be able to embed the shared resource. This will display the dashboard or card in your application.

In either case, if shared privately, it is necessary to add an authentication token (AUTH_TOKEN). This ensures that the access is done in a secure manner. In any of the links provided by Biuwer, replace the phrase "HERE_MUST_BE_AN_AUTH_TOKEN" with the authentication token you have to generate.

How do I generate the authentication token? Simply access to the administration zone of your Biuwer account, in the "Authentication Tokens" section, under "Security". You will have to create a valid token for a user who can access the shared resource.

Embedded Analytics - What it is and how it benefits my company

To check that the user to whom you have generated the authentication token can access the dashboard we want to share, you can use the "connect as" functionality, within the users list of your account settings to see what this user can access. This option is only available to account administrators.

A real application

As a real example of the use of integrated analytics with Biuwer, we share below a dashboard called "Internet sales dashboard" from a demonstration data set based on the analytics database Adventure Works.

This is an interactive real dashboard!. You can change the filters values and interact with the dashboard!

In short

Embedded Analytics allows you to explore and analyze the data from your own application, whether public or private, and thus allows you to make decisions in a way that is much more tailored to your needs.

Without having to leave that work area we are used to, Embedded Analytics allows you to get answers and expand your data, without having to make big changes.

Among the benefits of using a tool like Biuwer to take the first steps, it is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to have previous knowledge of the subject, as its team of professionals guarantees an accessible and easy experience for all users. In this way, every company, regardless of the sector to which it belongs, can start with these improvements that make it possible to take measures, which in the long and medium term, will be reflected in benefits for the company.

If you need more personalized information, according to the characteristics of your company, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise and guide you, offering you the option that will benefit you the most.

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